Welcome to Hotel California USA - What A Lovely Place

Hotel California Los Angeles beach hotels are best described as urban oases & retreats from the streets and traffic, the crowds and waits in line.

One a cool winter day a beach can be all yours, baby! Who could believe that 10 million people are hovering in high rise buildings no more than a few miles east, but down on the beach it is empty, 'cept for you.  Winter, Spring and Fall are Los Angeles beaches gift to you, the tourist.

If you know the seasons (warmest time is October, usually), you can drench your body in liquid sunshine, and just melt in the mellow atmosphere that this season in Los Angeles does afford. Others are off at Halloween parties, soccer camps and school open house. But you are at the beach, and it belongs to you and a few seagulls, European, Japanese, German, French and Chinese travelers who either got lucky, or were told by an insider to visit L.A. after September.


Los Angeles beach hotels - in the search for beautiful California beach hotels, Los Angeles is not generally know for budget beach hotels, though you may find a few. Buyer beware. The may be lower quality offerings, but if you want to save money, just be prepared.

For pricier places that are suitable for our needs and require splurging a bit:

Portofino Hotel & Yacht Club in Redondo Beach is suite! It overlooks a channel and the Pacific Ocean. You can walk over to the shops, beaches and dining.
Best Western Ocean View - Santa Monica is across the street from beach & pier.
Hotel California in Santa Monica is cute, themed with surfboards, etc.