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Hotel California USA, is wonderful place for a beach vacation! Welcome to the Hotel California! We hope you enjoy the magic that awaits those venturesome enough to dive into the colors of California getaway.

Welcome to the Hotel California USA. With thousands of hotel rooms throughout the State of California, Hotel California USA,  offers many possibilities for a trip worth considering. When you visit, you can't help but be taken in by its allure. And once you visit, you know that you are in the right place! Having visited California as travelers, we found something about it so appealing, that we stayed on and made it our home. As we have traveled the road, trying to stay in every hotel this California has to offer, we've discovered it is the people places that make accommodations special. We hope you have a similar experience on your journey.


The Beverly Hills Hotel captures the essence of California charm. It is but one example of the reasons folks like to visit and think of this state as a destination, be it a staycation or visit from some distant land.  Surfing, travel, vacations, hotels and California itself, all can make you feel good. So to commemorate the vacation in your mind, we've built a web site that will begin exploring California hotels, HotelCaliforniaUSA.

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